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Longyear City


Far far north in the Arctic, on the archipelago of Svalbard, there lies a town that goes by the name Longyear City [lɑŋjɪər sɪɾi], a cold and inhospitable place with dark brick and concrete houses in long rows, and a large amount of factories and industrial facilities in each nook and each cranny. This town is fully inside the domain of the mighty businessman Mr. Longyear, who has built himself up to such heights that he’s bought all his competitors, and reigns the town with an iron fist. Everything in Longyear City is under the company Longyear Inc. and all property is in one way or the other always owned by Mr. Longyear himself. In this town, all real money is worthless, and all trade happens through Longyear coupons, a currency that only works in Longyear stores. When working in Longyear City, you work for Mr. Longyear, and your salary will always be in the form of Longyear exclusive fringe benefits and coupons. This way, the people of this town are trapped in the merciless grip of Longyear, without the means to travel, nor any feeling of freedom.

Picture of Longyear City with the main quarters of Longyear Inc., the colossal Longyear building. Genererated with artificial intelligence.